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Metaphysical meaning of Sharon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sharon (mbd)
Sharon, shâr'-on (Heb.)--even; level; plain; straight; right; tranquil; harmonious; composed; straightforward; upright; fruitful; prosperous; righteous; just.

a A level tract of country in Palestine, bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, and extending from Joppa to Cæsarea (I Chron. 27:29; Isa. 35:2; 65:10). b A place mentioned as being in the inheritance of Gad, on the east of the Jordan (I Chron. 5:16).

Meta. The rich substance of Spirit established in body consciousness (fruitful, prosperous a tract of country in Palestine that was noted for its rich pasture lands). See LASSHARON for the significance of plain. The thoughts of justice, honor, poise, and harmony are also symbolized in this name.

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