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Metaphysical meaning of Shimrath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimrath (mbd)
Shimrath, shim-rath (Heb.)--standing erect; watch; guard; keeper; protector; preserver; vigilant; alert; watchful; watcher; observer; worshiper.

Son of Shimei, or Shema, of the tribe of Benjamin (I Chron. 8:21).

Meta. Active faith, on guard against error (watch, watcher, guard, protector, a Benjamite). Jesus very earnestly admonished His followers to watch and pray, that they might not be overtaken and overcome by temptation, by the carnal desires of the "mind of the flesh" within themselves. In every one of the twelve faculties of mind in us, therefore, there should be awakened a watchful and attentive attitude toward Spirit.

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