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Metaphysical meaning of Shimon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shimon (mbd)
Shimon, shi-mon (Heb.)--astonishment; amazement; desert; waste- solitary; ruin; desolation; extinction.

A man named in the genealogy of Judah as being the father of four sons (I Chron. 4:20).

Meta. The seemingly amazed, dazed, lonely, lost feeling that comes over a person when, because of his new conception of Truth, he can no longer believe in the reality or security of outer seemings; when he has had to let go of old limited ideas and beliefs but has not yet become established in Truth, in the reality of things spiritual. By ever turning within to Spirit, however, one gradually becomes centered and poised in that which is real and true, and brings forth qualities such as Shimon's four sons signify. Four sons here bespeak a certain fullness or all-around realization and expression of Truth.

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