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Metaphysical meaning of Shamhuth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shamhuth (mbd)
Shamhuth, sham'-huth (Heb.)--astonishment; awesome; laying waste; desolation; destruction; ruin; rumor; report; repute; fame; renown. The two lines of thought given in the definitions of this name come from opposing ideas in different roots. The most probable are the ones given first.

"The Izrahite," the fifth captain for the fifth month over twenty-four thousand men, in David's army (I Chron. 27:8); the same name as Shammah and Shammoth.

Meta. An influential thought in man's higher consciousness that is very active in destroying error (laying waste, destruction, desolation). In some of the men named Shammah, especially the one who was of Edom, the name signifies a destructive, fearful tendency in consciousness that leads to inharmonies of mind and body. The outer man, apart from the dominion of Spirit, is very likely to swing from one extreme to the other--from the height of noble thinking and feeling (fame, renown) to the depth of fear, desolation, emptiness, and error. He must, by consciously laying hold of the Christ Truth and making it practical in his life, come into a better balance, greater stability and poise.

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