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Metaphysical meaning of Sepharvaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sepharvaim (mbd)
Sepharvaim, seph-ar-va'-im (Heb.)--dual meditations; two inscriptions; two letters; two books; two scribes.

A city in Syria. The king of Assyria took people from this place and settled them in Samaria after he had carried the Israelites away captive (II Kings 17:24; 19:13). The "gods of Sepharvaim" are mentioned in II Kings 17:31.

Meta. A dual state of consciousness--partly good, partly evil (dual meditations, two inscriptions). This dual habit of thinking is the result of reasoning according to the senses, or outer appearances (a city of Syria, and Syria signifies the thoughts of the intellectual realm that have no understanding of the real but draw their conclusions from the reasonings of the outer or sense man).

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