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Metaphysical meaning of Sepharad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sepharad (mbd)
Sepharad, seph'-a-rad (Heb.)--divided number; severed; boundary; limit.

A place where captive Jews from Jerusalem were taken (Obad. 20).

Meta. There is always a limit to any seeming separation or wandering away from God, Spirit, Truth. When this limit or boundary is reached, a reaction sets in and the soul begins to swing back toward its center. Sepharad indicates this boundary or termination of the separation of the Jews from their native land --the higher religious and spiritual thoughts of the individual from his inner heart center, or Jerusalem (spiritual consciousness); a coming back to their own rightful high place of dominion is begun.

The prophet Obadiah--the high spiritual ideal that remains faithful and true to the things of Spirit and is ever attentive and obedient--prophesied that "the captives of Jerusalem, that are in Sepharad," shall return to the Promised Land of their inheritance. They are to "possess the cities of the South." This means that higher ideals will be freed in consciousness and are to enter into the thought centers of the subconscious realm of mind to do a redeeming, regenerating work there.

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