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Metaphysical meaning of Samgar-nebo (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Samgar-nebo (mbd)
Samgar-nebo, sam'-gär-ne'-bo (Heb. fr. Pers.)--graciousness of Nebo; sword of Mercury; gracious interpreter.

A prince or officer of the king of Babylon at the time when the king took Jerusalem (Jer. 39:3).

Meta. Nebo here refers to a Babylonian or Chaldean god. It represents a limited degree of discernment and understanding operative on the purely mental, psychic, or soul plane. Mercury refers to worship of the intellect.

Samgar-nebo (graciousness of Nebo, sword of Mercury, gracious interpreter), a prince and officer of the king of Babylon at the time when the king took Jerusalem, signifies giving service to and trusting in that which Nebo and Mercury represent, instead of looking to Spirit for understanding and conquering power. Thus the higher thoughts of one's consciousness, when one is untrue to spiritual ideals, give place to sense confusion (Babylon); one's peace is taken away (Jerusalem was captured by the king of Babylon) and one's understanding is darkened (the Jewish king's eyes were put out and he and his people were carried captive to Babylon).

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