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Metaphysical meaning of prodigal son (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of prodigal son (mbd)
prodigal son.

Meta. The "two sons" of Luke 15:11 are the two departments of the soul or consciousness. The son who stayed at home is the religious or moral nature; the son who went into the far country is the human phase of the soul, in which are the appetites and passions. Going into a "far country" is separating the consciousness from its parent source. The first step in complying with the law of return to the Father's house is repentance and confession. Confession should be made to God. If we are truly repentant the Father will forgive; He will have compassion, and the bounty of Divine Mind will be poured out upon us.

When we make unity between the outer sense and the inner Spirit (the return of the younger son to his father's house), there is great rejoicing; the outer is flooded with vitality (robe), unending power is put into his hand (ring), and his understanding (feet) is strengthened. The "fatted calf" is the richness of strength always awaiting the needy soul. When all these relations have been established between the within and the without there is rejoicing. The dead man of sense is made alive in the consciousness of Spirit--the lost is found.

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