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Metaphysical meaning of Pleiades (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pleiades (mbd)
Pleiades, ple'-ia-des (Gk.)--the seven stars- seven daughters of Atlas; heap; cluster; bound together; family; much more; abundance; increase; multitude; superior; more excellent; perfect.

A group of seven stars (only six are now visible) in the shoulder of Taurus, the Bull (Job 9:9). This constellation appears at the beginning of spring, and indicates the coming of spring. To the Greeks, with the rising of this group of stars in the early spring, navigation began, and was supposed to close when the Pleiades disappeared late in the autumn. According to the margin Job 38:31 would read, "Canst thou chain the sweet influences of the Pleiades?"

In Greek legends, too, the stars of the Pleiades were said to be the companions of Artemis, or Diana, who stood to them for the goddess of vitality, or of reproduction of life on the earth, and for the sustenance of all forms of life.

Meta. A star represents a truth, light, that apparently is beyond man's present conception, something that is but dimly understood by him; and seven is the number of fulfillment in the natural man. The Pleiades, the group of seven stars that indicate spring, with the "sweet influences" that bring the warm weather and the growth of vegetation for the nourishment of man, signify man's present faint comprehension of the one life and intelligence, the one love and guiding power, that is ever working for the eternal progress and good of the race--the Mother-God, the Holy Spirit, the Oversoul, that is always brooding over the earth and the human race, bringing about the fulfilling of the natural processes and lifting all to spiritual understanding, consciousness, and expression.

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