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Metaphysical meaning of Piram (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Piram (mbd)
Piram, pi-ram (Heb.)--swift-running; fleet; indomitable; wild ass.

King of Jarmuth, who with four other Amoritish kings was conquered and slain by the Israelites under Joshua (Josh. 10:3).

Meta. The Amorites are amorous, lustful thoughts; their seat of action is the generative function. Piram, a king of the Amorites (swift, fleet, indomitable, wild ass), signifies a ruling thought or tendency in this Amoritish consciousness that is very quick to be aroused to action and is apparently unconquerable, in so far as the natural or animal man is concerned. It is only overcome and put out of consciousness by one's true, spiritual thoughts (Israelites) under the I AM or ruling Christ dominion, which is represented here by Joshua.

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