Metaphysical meaning of Perez-uzza (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Perez-uzza (mbd)
Perez-uzza, pe'-rez-uz'-zå (Heb.)--breaking of Uzzah; breach of Uzza; defeat of strength; dispersion of strength.

The place where Uzza was smitten by Jehovah because he put out his hand to steady the Ark (I Chron. 13:11). "And David was displeased, because Jehovah had broken forth upon Uzza: and he called that place Perez-uzza, unto this day."

Meta. Uzza, or Uzzah, means strength. Perez-uzza (meaning breaking of Uzzah, breach of Uzza, dispersion of strength), the place where Uzza was smitten by Jehovah because he put forth his hand to steady the Ark, signifies a dividing, and therefore diminishing, of one's consciousness of strength, because of one's acting on the mistaken idea that one can and should support Truth in outer, sense ways, as if Truth needed the help of man to uphold it.

Man should abide in Truth; if he does so, it will support and greatly strengthen him. But if he seeks in human ways to uphold Truth he enters into strife and contention and he reaps the inharmonious result of these errors in a breaking up of his own inner consciousness of strength and poise.

A common mistake among religious people is the idea that the human, fighting, warring spirit is justified in any one if he is seeking by his warlike methods to further the right, if he is seeking to establish and sustain what he believes to be the Christ Truth. This is not true, however. The fighting, contentious attitude is of the Adversary; it is from the adverse consciousness in man and it always results in inharmony to those who indulge in it, regardless of what their purpose is. Thus Uzza was smitten by Jehovah; that is, by divine law. We should not do evil that good may come. Real, true, abiding good is never brought about except by ways that are in accord with the law of love and Truth.

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