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Metaphysical meaning of Palti (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Palti (mbd)
Palti (in A.V., I Samuel 25:44, Phalti), pal'-ti (Heb.)--Jehovah makes smooth; Jah is the way of escape; Jah brings forth; deliverance of Jehovah; Jah fully delivers; Jehovah makes free.

a Son of Raphu; the man chosen from the tribe of Benjamin to help spy out the land of Canaan preparatory to the Israelites' going over and possessing the land (Num. 13:9). b The son of Laish, of Gallim, to whom Saul, king of Israel, gave Michal his daughter for a wife, after she had first been given to David (I Sam. 25:44). This latter Palti is called Paltiel in II Samuel 3:15.

Meta. A belief in or thoughts of deliverance through faith. (Jah fully delivers is one meaning of Palti. Both these men named Palti were Benjamites; a Benjamite signifies an active faith thought in consciousness. The second-mentioned Palti was from Gallim, and Gallim is thought to have been a town of Benjamin.)

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