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Metaphysical meaning of Michal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Michal (mbd)
Michal, mi'-chal (Heb.)--brook; rivulet; shallow well; turbid stream; who is perfect; completion; perfection.

Saul's youngest daughter, who loved David and became his wife (I Sam. 18:20, 27). Saul afterward gave Michal to Palti, or Paltiel, son of Laish, to be his wife (I Sam. 25:44), and later she was restored to David (II Sam. 3:12-14).

Meta. An intuitive quality active in the human soul, and becoming for the time being a cleansing, inspiring stream of pure thoughts and emotions to the preserving of the love thought (David); this thought has not, at this stage of the unfoldment of the individual, attained the ruling power in consciousness, because of the adverse activity of the personal will (Saul).

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