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Metaphysical meaning of Obadiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Obadiah (mbd)
Obadiah, o-ba-dl'-ah (Heb.)--servant of Jehovah; service of Jah; worshiper of Jehovah.

a One who was "over the household" of King Ahab. Obadiah feared the Lord, and so he hid five hundred prophets in caves and fed them, when Jezebel "cut off the prophets of Jehovah" (I Kings 18:3, 4). b There were several other Israelites by this name also (I Chron. 7:3; 8:38; 9:16; 12:9; 27:19; II Chron. 17:7, 34:12; Ezra 8:9).

Meta. The higher thoughts in man that serve and worship God through the I AM, Jehovah, indwelling Christ. They are faithful and true. They are thoughts that are obedient to spiritual ideals, that hear and heed the voice of Spirit.

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