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Metaphysical meaning of Nicanor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nicanor (mbd)
Nicanor, ni-ca'-nôr (Gk.)--overcomer; victor; victorious; conqueror; steadfast; constant; courageous.

One of the seven men chosen by the Christians at Jerusalem to look after the distribution of provisions among the widows and others of the assembly there (Acts 6:5).

Meta. An inner realization of victory, of overcoming, especially as relating to substance and supply for the outer or intellectual phase of man's consciousness that is at this time partially established in Truth. (Grecian widows symbolize half truths, of a somewhat negative character, pertaining to the intellect. They seem to have been neglected by the apostles, or spiritual faculties of mind, who were giving their greatest attention to the Hebrews--the higher thoughts of the inner consciousness that were consecrated to Truth). The central idea in Nicanor is that of overcoming victory through steadfastness; in conjunction with this see Luke 8:15 and 21:19, with marginal notes.

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