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Metaphysical meaning of Nibhaz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nibhaz (mbd)
Nibhaz, nib'-haz (Heb.)--barker; striking; pulsating; conspicuous.

An idol of the Avvites, or Avvim, and introduced into Samaria by them (II Kings 17:31). This idol is thought to have been in the form of a dog.

Meta. The prevailing tendency of the primitive, unenlightened thoughts of the sense mind in man to wrangle and dispute with and to accuse and attack upon any and every occasion (barker, striking) that which is good and true, that which is striving for the attainment of higher ideals. So long as this tendency exists in consciousness it is always in evidence (pulsating, conspicuous; see AVVA and AVVIM).

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