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Metaphysical meaning of Avva (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Avva (mbd)
Avva (A. V., Ava), av'-vå (Heb.)--ruin; overthrown overturned; perverted; perverse; iniquity.

A small country under Assyrian rule. After the Assyrian king had conquered Hoshea, king of Israel, and had carried the Israelites as captives into Assyria he took men from Avva to settle in Samaria (II Kings 17:24).

Meta. The unrighteousness (iniquity) that works in the consciousness of man when he allows intellectual reasonings based upon sense observation (Assyrians) to direct his will and to rule in his life. They take away his sense of safety (Hoshea, king of Israel). They take away his true thoughts founded in Spirit (the Israelites) and in place of them put erroneous ideas that are perverted and devastating (people of Avva --ruin, perverse, overturned, overthrown) because they are founded upon a belief in evil instead of being founded upon faith in the living God, good.

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