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Metaphysical meaning of Nahath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahath (mbd)
Nahath, na'-hath (Heb.)--letting down; coming down; descending; reclining; resting; quieting; pressing down; leveling; sinking deep; lowness.

a Son of Reuel, who was a son of Esau by Basemath; Nahath was a chief of Edom (Gen. 36:13,17). b Son of Zophai, of the tribe of Levi (I Chron. 6:26). c A Levite who was an overseer over the oblations, tithes, and dedicated things in the house of Jehovah, in Hezekiah's reign (II Chron. 31:13).

Meta. A ruling thought in the Esau, Edom, or outer consciousness of man the body (a chief of Edom). This thought is one of the prevailing beliefs of the outer man at a certain period of his unfoldment; it is restful, lulling, content (resting, quieting) in his seemingly material phase of expression (lowness). However, higher thoughts must be introduced into even the outer consciousness of man, that he may be aroused out of the false lethargy of the carnal and may be quickened throughout his whole spirit, soul, and body to the Truth of his being. Thus he enters into a truer peace and rest, signified by the other two men named Nahath.

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