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Metaphysical meaning of Nahalal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahalal (mbd)
Nahalal (in A.V., Josh 19:15, Nahallal), nå-hal'-al (Heb.)--flowing forth; leading on; leading from afar; conducting; watering place; pasture; shepherding; protecting; sustaining.

A city of Zebulun (Josh. 19:15). It was given over to the Levites of the family of Merari (Josh. 21:35).

Meta. A group of thoughts in the order faculty in individual consciousness (a city of Zebulun), pertaining to divine sustenance. (Flowing forth and watering place signify a place in consciousness wherein one is refreshed by the waters of life; pasture symbolizes substance; leading on, conducting, bespeak guidance; and shepherding, protecting, sustaining, refer to spiritual care and oversight in every way.)

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