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Metaphysical meaning of Nahaliel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahaliel (mbd)
Nahaliel, nå-ha'-l;-el (Heb.)--God flows forth; God leads on; God's torrent, pasture of God.

A camping place of the Israelites, in the wilderness (Num. 21:19).

Meta. Nahaliel (meaning God flows forth, God leads on, pasture of God, and being a camping place of the Children of Israel in the wilderness) signifies an inner realization of vitality, substance, and guidance, of divine protection, and good. This is a source of uplift and encouragement to the true, higher thoughts of the consciousness that are struggling on toward the Promised Land--the full realization of life and Truth throughout the whole man. (God's torrent, one of the definitions of Nahaliel, suggests a very swift and abundant flowing of life and Truth into consciousness, with perhaps a belief in, or fear of, violence and undue force.)

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