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Metaphysical meaning of Moriah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Moriah (mbd)
Moriah, mo-ri'-ah (Heb.)--vision of Jehovah; revelation of Jah; chosen by Jehovah; Jah provides, i. e., makes the choice; the resisting of Jehovah; fortress of the Lord; bitterness of Jehovah.

a A "land" to which Abraham was sent to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God (Gen. 22:2). b A mount in Jerusalem upon which Solomon built the Temple (II Chron. 3:1).

Meta. The "land of Moriah," to which Abraham was told to go to make his sacrifice, means bitterness of Jehovah. When changes take place in the consciousness there are sometimes very bitter experiences, and a stout faith is needed to believe that good will come out of them. But good always comes if there is a steadfast obedience and faith in the goodness of God.

Great power in spirit and in body grows out of this steadfast overcoming, this giving up of the old and entering into the new. The pleasures of sense are transitory, but the joys of Spirit endure forever. God provided (Jah provides) a sacrifice for Abraham. His son Isaac, who represents the Christ or new birth in individual consciousness, was restored to him and Abraham became the father of a multitude, "as the stars of the heavens, and as the sand which is upon the seashore." Thus in one's giving up self and holding firmly in faith to the higher good, multitudes of Truth ideals come to one (vision of Jehovah, revelation of Jah), until one's whole consciousness and life are transformed.

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