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Metaphysical meaning of Moresheth-gath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Moresheth-gath (mbd)
Moresheth-gath, mor'-esh-eth-gath (Heb.)--possession of Gath; possession of the wine press.

A city of Judah; the birthplace of Micah the prophet (Mic. 1:14).

Meta Moresheth means possession, and Gath means wine press. Gath, wine press, a city of the Philistines, typifies a belief in trial, a looking at all experiences from the standpoint of seeming trial and suffering. Moresheth-gath, a city of Judah, signifies this error belief and habit as coming into the possession of and being acted on by the Judah consciousness in the individual (praise and prayer). Thus Micah the prophet--the individual consciousness awakening to the real truth of man's being--is brought forth, and the old belief that hard trials and tribulations are the lot of mankind gives way to the understanding that God is good and that He wills only good for His children.

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