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Metaphysical meaning of Moreh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Moreh (mbd)
Moreh, mo'-reh (Heb.)--teaching; a teacher; sage; prophet; imparter of wisdom.

a An oak tree near Shechem where Abram came and built an altar to Jehovah, who appeared to him there (Gen. 12:6). It may have been a grove of oaks (Deut. 11:30). b A hill beside which the Midianites camped when Gideon went out against them (Judg. 7:1).

Meta. A state of mind receptive to Truth; a teachable state of mind. In a teachable state of mind the constructive methods that are always characteristic of the divine are revealed, and with this mind protection and strength (oak tree) are realized and victory is assured.

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