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Metaphysical meaning of Mephibosheth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mephibosheth (mbd)
Mephibosheth, me-phib'-o-sheth (Heb.) --breathing shame; blowing away confusion; scattering disgrace; dispersing ignominy; exterminating idolatry.

Son of Jonathan, and grandson of Saul (II Sam. 4:4). He was lame in his feet, and was cared for by David after Saul and Jonathan were slain (II Sam. 9:513).

Meta. The faculty of mind that, though without full understanding of spiritual law as it relates to the manifest, symbolized by the crippled feet (feet stand for the phase of understanding that comes in touch with the world and outer conditions), has caught a glimpse of the divine pattern in the spiritual heavens of man's mind, and therefore endeavors to erase from consciousness all limited images and beliefs (blowing away confusion, exterminating idolatry).

The history of Mephibosheth shows us to what a destructive end an unrestrained exercise of the personal will can come. David found him in the house of Machir, which means sold, at the place called Lodebar, which means barren. The house of Saul was reduced to a barren, crippled state.

The invisible power that brought Mephibosheth into the house of David, where henceforth he was to eat bread at the king's table, was that love (David) sees perfection everywhere, and attracts forces of a character like its own. That which Mephibosheth symbolizes erases false images that have been formed in the mind by false thinking, and thus opens the way for the perfect to manifest. Therefore Mephibosheth is a servant of David (love) and is worthy to eat at his table.

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