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Metaphysical meaning of Massa (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Massa (mbd)
Massa, mas'-så (Heb.)--burden bearer; porter; a lifting up, i. e., of the voice, of the soul; song; singing; divine declaration; oracle; prophecy; proverb; a speech; a discourse.

Seventh of Ishmael's twelve sons (Gen. 25:14).

Meta. Ishmael, father of Massa, represents the fruit of the thoughts of the natural man at work in the flesh. Massa, seventh son of Ishmael (seven is the number of fulfillment in the natural man), ushers in a new element of thought regarding that in man which has hitherto been deemed by him to be wholly material, and doomed to death and dissolution. This new thought is a prophecy that the seemingly physical body will ultimately be lifted up and saved alive. Massa signifies a phase of thought that lays hold of, retains, and transports this truth (divine declaration, burden bearer, a speech, a discourse, from the idea of lifting up and carrying) into the outer organism, the seemingly mortal part of the individual.

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