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Metaphysical meaning of Mash (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mash (mbd)
Mash, mash (Heb.)--pressing out by contractile force; pressing out of fruits; harvest of fruits.

Son of Aram, who was a son of Shem, the eldest of Noah's three sons (Gen. 10:23). In I Chronicles 1:17, he is called Meshech.

Meta. Aram means highlands. Its significance is the same as that of Syria, the nation that was founded by Aram the son of Shem. Both Aram and Syria refer to phases of the mental or intellectual in man. The intellect has its foundation in Spirit (Shem represents the spiritual in man), and any true understanding that the intellect obtains comes from Spirit, since the intellect reflects the light of Spirit. In Mash, we see the intellect as obtaining knowledge. The intellect is not naturally receptive to spiritual understanding. It is aggressive in its nature, and it works very hard in the outer, seeking to obtain by force, by personal determination and much persistent study and research, the knowledge that it desires. And the very pressure of its outer seeking does open to it something of the inner light and intelligence of Spirit (pressing out by contractile force, pressing out of fruits), though in its ignorance of the one Source of all understanding it usually takes to itself the honor of having worked out the ideas that come to it from Spirit. However, fruit is realized (harvest of fruits) in increased knowledge, and the time will come when the whole man, even to his outermost intellectual consciousness, will perceive and glorify Spirit as his abiding and all-comprehensive intelligence.

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