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Metaphysical meaning of Mahol (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mahol (mbd)
Mahol, ma'-hol (Heb.)--circling; whirling; dancing; twisting; wresting; writhing; shaking; shuddering; travail; infirmity.

Father of some wise men of Solomon's time (I Kings 4:31).

Meta. The play of the intellect in man, guided by the senses, by outer seeming, in thinking out problems (dancing, twisting, wresting). The intellect of man, unless inspired and directed by Spirit, works in a circle (circling, whirling), never really getting anywhere but always coming back to the point that it started from and ending in fearfulness and error (shaking, shuddering, travail, infirmity). To get a satisfactory, complete, healthy, wholesome understanding of anything, man must base his logic on Truth, the one beginning and source of all. Then he can reach a definite conclusion that will not be ultimately overthrown by some other and altogether different idea, as is the case with worldly wisdom wherein newer ideas are always following the older ones and showing up their utter fallacy.

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