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Metaphysical meaning of Magdiel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Magdiel (mbd)
Magdiel, mag'-d1-el (Heb.)--excellence of God; most precious fruits of God; praise of God; God is renowned; God's most precious gift.

A chief of Edom, descended from Esau (Gen. 36:43).

Meta. Esau and Edom signify the outer physical consciousness and organism of man. Magdiel indicates the truth about the outer and seemingly material phase of man's being. This truth is that even man's apparently physical body is the precious fruit of God. It has its origin in Spirit, and is innately spiritual. It must eventually express and manifest God, Spirit, thus giving all praise, honor, and glory to the Father-Mind through which it came into existence (God is renowned).

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