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Metaphysical meaning of Lehabim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lehabim (mbd)
Lehabim, le'-ha-bim (Heb.)--inflamed uprisings; blazing exhalations; fiery illusions; flaming; passionate; polished swords; pointed weapons.

Son of Mizraim, who was a son of Ham and grandson of Noah (Gen. 10:13).

Meta. Ham, grandfather of Lehabim, is one of Noah's three sons; he represents the physical in man. Mizraim, Lehabim's father, meaning Egypt, tribulation, refers to the carnal or earthly consciousness in the individual. Lehabim (fiery illusions, inflamed uprisings, passionate, polished swords) represents the life of the seemingly physical and material organism activated wholly by the tendencies and desires of the outer animal man. Thus this life, which is in essence spiritual and should always be of a vitalizing, harmonizing, and upbuilding character, becomes to the individual who is guided by material thought and desire a fire that burns up the organism and a sword that cuts and destroys.

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