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Metaphysical meaning of Lecah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lecah (mbd)
Lecah, le'-cah (Heb.)--walking; going; progressing; living; a way; a course; a journey; a promenade, speeding- hurrying.

It is not certain whether Lecah was a son of Er, or a place founded by Er (I Chron. 4:21).

Meta. The life and unfoldment of man is often likened to a journey. Lecah (walking, going, progressing) denotes the journey of life as it is taken by every individual. The course of each one is determined by his observing, attentive, vigilant thoughts, by that to which he gives his attention (Er, father or founder of Lecah; see ER).

In this journey man enters into conditions and experiences that correspond to the character of his thoughts; he becomes like that which he beholds, or holds to in mind. If we wish our journey to lead quickly (speeding, hurrying) to the goal of perfection and of every real, abiding good, we must be faithful and constant in beholding the Christ; we must dwell in mind on that which is good, pure, and true only.

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