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Metaphysical meaning of Kir-hareseth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kir-hareseth (mbd)
Kir-hareseth (in A. V., II Kings 3:25, Kir-haraseth), kir-har'-e-seth (Heb.)--pottery wall; brick fortress.

A citadel, or stronghold, of Moab (II Kings 3:25; see Isaiah 15:1 and 16:7 also).

Meta. Moab signifies the carnal mind in man. Kir-hareseth, a citadel or stronghold of Moab, is first of all the almost universal belief that man is inherently and irrevocably separate from and inferior to God, at least while living in the body on earth. Second, it is the accompanying error belief of the race that man's outer organism is inherently and irrevocably earthly and corruptible; that it is not God's plan that man's outer organism should express Spirit and manifest immortality. Therefore the conclusion naturally is that there is no need or use for man to try to overcome the appetites and desires of the flesh, since he cannot lift himself above them while in the body, but will be free only after he gives up his body to corruption in the grave. This is what the carnal mind (Moab) in man is based on, and it is all lies; it is of the Devil, who, according to Jesus, is a liar from the beginning.

The truth is that man is inherently and irrevocably a spiritual being. Spiritual, immortal, incorruptible life, love, power, substance, intelligence, strength, wholeness, and perfection are innate in man, and must be expressed throughout his entire being--spirit, soul, and body--ere he really becomes that which he was created to be, and which he is all the time in the real inner truth of his being.

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