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Metaphysical meaning of Kinah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kinah (mbd)
Kinah, k~'-nah (Heb.)--beating; striking; pulsating; smithy; musical instrument; strident sound; chant; elegy; dirge; lamentation; agglomeration; possession.

A city of Judah, "toward the border of Edom in the South" (Josh. 15:22).

Meta. Inner expressions of sorrow (dirge, elegy, lamentation) of the human consciousness or natural man at having to give up its notion as to the desirability of personal possession; man must even give up the belief that he owns his body to do with as his sense mind pleases.

A smithy is the workshop of a smith; and a smith is one who works in metals. Metals signify the various faculties established in substance; for instance, gold stands for wisdom, iron for strength, and so forth. The idea here is that when this city of Kinah, or group of thoughts in individual consciousness, comes into the hands of Judah (praise and prayer), man receives a revelation of the truth that the outer organism is not an instrument given him for the purpose of carrying out his own sense pleasures; it is not for the convenience of the carnal man. The truth is revealed that his body is a temple of God, and must be kept holy (see I Cor. 3:16, 17; 6:1520). Since the body is an emanation of Spirit and has been formed as a vehicle through which God, Spirit, might express, the carnal man must be brought under restraint, and finally cast out. The attempt to eliminate the carnal brings sorrow and lamentation to the individual at first, since he knows only human methods of obtaining pleasure and satisfaction. His sorrow, however, is soon turned into joy by the light and the power of Spirit, which are multiplied in his consciousness when the appetites and desires of the flesh no longer rule in him to the exclusion of spiritual things. Then he truly becomes a musical instrument to express the harmony and joy of Truth.

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