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Metaphysical meaning of Kedemoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kedemoth (mbd)
Kedemoth, ked'-e-moth (Heb.)--eastern districts; Orientals; Easterners; antiquities; ancients; beginnings; principles.

a A city allotted to Reuben (Josh. 13:18). b A wilderness (Deut. 2:26). Kedemoth is the plural of Kedemah.

Meta. Each of the faculties of man has its foundation, its beginnings, in Spirit and is truly spiritual. To become conscious of the spiritual reality of those faculties, the individual must turn to his inner spiritual consciousness (eastern districts, Easterners). Kedemoth, a city allotted to Reuben, signifies thoughts relating to the foregoing truth; these thoughts belong to the faculty of faith in its aspect of discernment, or sight, for which Reuben stands.

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