Metaphysical meaning of Kareah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kareah (mbd)
Kareah, kå-re'-ah (Heb.)--smooth; bald; bare; glassy; crystal; ice; cold.

Father of Johanan and Jonathan. These two sought to help avenge the killing of Gedeliah, whom the king of Babylon had left as governor of Judah (Jer. 40:8--43:5).

Meta. Bald and bare mean destitute of the natural or common covering; for instance, of hair on the top of the head. The common covering of sense man is personality, in which is found the carnal and adverse mind of sense. Kareah (smooth, bald, bare, ice), an Israelite of the kingdom of Judah, signifies a thought in the religious consciousness of man that is entirely removed from carnal, sense reasoning; that is poised and clear so far as the spiritual and true is concerned, and is fixedly cold toward all material, personal, limited thought. (Kareah's sons, Johanan--which is the same name as John--and Jonathan, both refer to the love faculty in man. The latter signifies the soul or human aspect of love, and the former refers more to love in its spiritual quality.)

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