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Metaphysical meaning of Kabzeel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kabzeel (mbd)
Kabzeel, kab'-ze-el (Heb.)--gathered by God; grasped of God; God assembles; assembly of God; congregation of God.

A southern city of Judah, "toward the border of Edom" (Josh. 15:21). It is called Jekabzeel in Nehemiah 11:25.

Meta. The significance is the same as that of Jekabzeel: the congregation of God, or that in us which is gathered by God, i. e., our true thoughts, our spiritual thought people that make up our spiritual consciousness. This is the assembly of God.

Instead of being our whole spiritual consciousness, Kabzeel, a city in southern Judah, toward the border of Edom, would be an aggregation of spiritual thoughts in our subconsciousness, but belonging to our spiritual consciousness, since this higher realm of mind in us permeates both our subconscious and conscious minds, and also our body consciousness when a certain degree of spirituality is attained.

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