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Metaphysical meaning of Kadesh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kadesh (mbd)
Kadesh, ka'-desh (Heb.)--clean; pure; bright; holy; sacred; sanctified; consecrated; a sanctuary.

A very old place on the southeastern border of the land of Canaan, in the wilderness of Paran, or Zin. It is the same place as En-mishpat (Gen. 14:7), and Kadesh-barnea, a city on the southern border of Judah, and allotted to Judah (Josh. 15:3). Abraham "dwelt between Kadesh and Shur" (Gen. 20:1). The spies were sent out from Kadesh to investigate the Promised Land, and they returned to Moses at this place (Num. 13:26). Miriam died and was buried at Kadesh (Num. 20:1). Moses trespassed at the waters of Meribah of Kadesh, and so was not allowed to enter the Promised Land (Num. 20:10-13; Deut. 32:51). It was at Kadesh that the Children of Israel were twice turned back from entering Canaan, once at the beginning of their forty years' wandering in the wilderness because of their unbelief, as related in Numbers 13 and 14, and once later when the king of Edom refused to allow them to pass through his country (Num. 20:16-22).

Meta. The inherently pure, sinless, perfect, ideal state that exists in the depths of the consciousness of every individual. As the various thoughts of the consciousness come into the light of this sacred and holy phase of mind, they are measured up according to these high ideals, and a judgment, or adjustment, takes place, as signified by En-mishpat--fountain of judgment--one of the names of Kadesh. It is here that the carnal and personal, that which still falls short of the perfect law, is revealed to us, and a further cleansing of the consciousness is set into action. (Take note of the different, very important occurrences that took place at Kadesh and En-mishpat, all corresponding to experiences that we go through in putting off the "old man" of sin and putting on the Christ.)

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