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Metaphysical meaning of Jokim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jokim (mbd)
Jokim, jo'-kim (Heb.)--Jehovah sets up; Jah establishes; Jehovah rises; Jah constitutes; Jehovah restores upright; righteousness of Jehovah.

A man of Judah (I Chron. 4:22).

Meta. Jokim is one of those of whom it is said, "And the records are ancient. These were the potters, and the inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah: there they dwelt with the king for his work" (I Chron. 4:22,23). In the margin, and in the Authorized Version, "those that dwelt among plantations and hedges" is given in place of "the inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah."

The inference is that Jokim signifies an innate knowing that is established in the very foundation, or spiritual essence, of the cells of the organism and of the life forces. Potters represent body builders, cells, and atoms. Plantations and hedges refer to the seemingly earthly or physical in man and to substance. Jokim therefore symbolizes the inherent intelligence in every atom of man's organism, which knows that the essence of his whole being is Spirit and that God, Spirit, can and must be established in the entire consciousness as well as in its outer manifestation--the body itself. (See JOIAKIM.)

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