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Metaphysical meaning of Jokdeam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jokdeam (mbd)
Jokdeam, jok'-de-am (Heb.)--anger of the people; inflammation of the people; vehement burning of the people; possessed by the people; obsession of the people; perversion of the people.

A city in the hill country of Judah (Josh. 15:56).

Meta. Wickedness in high places, and its result.

The hill country of Judah refers to the consciousness of life lifted to a high, exalted place through praise and prayer. In this high realm of consciousness, however, the seeds of strife and selfishness have not been wholly eliminated; and in Jokdeam we find certain thoughts, and their corresponding emotions, that are not of the single eye (see Luke 11:34). They do not see good only, but are perverse. (Perversion of the people carries this meaning. The word people refers to thoughts. A city also refers to a group of thoughts in consciousness, or a nerve center with the thoughts that act through it and belong to it.)

Thus irritation and antagonism are aroused (anger of the people). This of course brings about the reaction in a burning out of the cells and of the vitalizing element in the organism, corresponding in amount and degree to the intensity of the anger and irritation (burning of the people).

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