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Metaphysical meaning of Jerioth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jerioth (mbd)
Jerioth, je'-ri-oth (Heb.)--veils; curtains; canopies; tents; tabernacles; tremulous; shakings; quakings; timidity.

A wife of Caleb's, according to the reading of the text (I Chron. 2:18). Fallows says, "This seems to be contrary to the Hebrew text, and Jerioth was probably Caleb's daughter."

Meta. Fearfulness and lack of courage and positiveness (tremulous, timidity) that envelop the soul at times, so long as the individual still believes in a limited consciousness of life in the body (tents, tabernacles). Such thoughts cause obscurity of the inner vision, a certain darkness or lack of understanding (veils, curtains). Inner shakings and quakings may also be felt as reactions from too much vehemence and zeal, such as Caleb signifies, especially when the personal enters into one's zealous efforts to put away error and build up Truth.

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