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Metaphysical meaning of Jaasu (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jaasu (mbd)
Jaasu (A. V., Jaasau), ja'-a-su (Heb.)--they will do; they will make; they will erect; they will build; they will create.

An Israelite, son of Bani, who had taken a foreign wife (Ezra 10:37).

Meta. The idea here is that while Jehovah, or spiritual I AM, is the creator and sustaining power of the forward and upward movement in man and is the incentive to all true progress and freedom from thought bondage such as is signified by Babylon, from whose captivity Jaasu had been set free, yet Jehovah works in unison with, or by means of, the positive and negative poles of being in each individual, the masculine and feminine, wisdom and love, to bring about true and perfect expression and manifestation (they will do, they will make, they will build).

In the history of Jaasu, we also see the possibility all the way along that the life forces, strength, and vitality, which are constantly being accelerated and increased by conscious contact with Spirit, are ever in danger, seemingly, of being attracted to a union with the animal soul, or the emotional nature under the dominion of carnal thought, which is always reaching out for expression in sensation. (This latter is suggested by Jaasu's marrying a foreign wife.) We must keep in constant touch with Ezra, the puritan, or ruling thought of purity within us, that our whole consciousness may be kept in order and chastity, undefiled by "foreign" or limited, error thoughts and desires.

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