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Metaphysical meaning of Ishvi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ishvi (mbd)
Ishvi (in A. V., Genesis 46:17, Isui; in Numbers 26:44, Jesui; in I Chronicles 7:30, Ishuai; in I Sam. 14:49, Ishui), ish'-vi (Heb.)--resemblance; likeness; equality; self-satisfaction; plainness; evenness; tranquillity; quietness.

a Son of Asher (Gen. 46:17). b Son of Saul (I Sam. 14:49).

Meta. Virtually the same as ISHVAH, which see. As a son of Saul, Ishvi signifies a sense of equilibrium and poise (evenness, tranquillity, quietness) in man, but more personal and limited in its character than it is spiritual (Saul, father of Ishvi, and first king of Israel, represents the will's functioning in personality rather than in Spirit). Self-satisfaction in this name would tend to egotism.

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