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Metaphysical meaning of Hul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hul (mbd)
Hul, hul (Heb.)--circle; circling; turning about; whirling; ecstasy; joy; attending; resolving; hoping; placing faith; turning away; dissolution; writhing; travail; childbirth; sorrow; pain; trembling; fear; terror.

Son of Aram, who was a son of Shem and grandson of Noah (Gen. 10:23).

Meta. That in the intellect of man which seeks to conform to both the spiritual and the outer-sense ideas of wisdom and understanding. (A circle refers to the spiritual, to oneness, or unity, that which has no beginning or ending. Pain, trembling, f ear, sorrow, exist in and are products of the "mind of the flesh" and its seemingly imperfect body manifestation.) Much can be drawn from the definitions of Hul.

Of the ancestors of Hul, Shem is a son of Noah, who pertains to the spiritual in man; Aram refers to the intellect, which has its foundation in Spirit. In the individuals who have not yet found their way back to the Father's house--to spiritual understanding. realization.HUPHAMand manifestation, in some degree at least--the intellect has linked itself so firmly with the outer or seemingly material realm that it no longer acknowledges Spirit as the one source of understanding, and it is divided in its thoughts and reasonings.

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