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Metaphysical meaning of Hotham (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hotham (mbd)
Hotham (A. V., I Chronicles 11:44, Hothan), ho'-tham (Heb.)--seal; a signet ring; closed; determined; fixed; ended.

a Son of Heber. Heber was a grandson of Asher (I Chron. 7:32). b An Aroerite whose sons Shama and Jeiel were among David's valiant men (I Chron. 11:44).

Meta. The fixed resolution (determined, seal) of the spiritually awakened inner understanding and will of man to become consciously one with Spirit, to serve, obey, and magnify God, the good.

In Bible times, among certain nations, when a decree was sealed by the king it became irrevocable, unalterable; it had to be carried out and could not be changed even if the king himself became convinced that it was a mistake. (See Esth. 8:8.)

For an idea as to why this inner resolution that Hotham signifies is to serve God and become consciously one with Him, see the meaning of HEBER (the name of Hotham's father).

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