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Metaphysical meaning of Holy Spirit (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Holy Spirit (mbd)
Holy Spirit.

The source of all manifestation is in mind. This is exactly like the Father--is the Father in degree.

An idea arises in a man's mind of something that he wants to do; this idea is the Son.

He expresses that idea in definite thought--that is the Spirit going forth to accomplish that whereto he has sent it.

The Father is Principle. The Son is that Principle revealed in a creative plan. The Holy Spirit is the executive power of both Father and Son carrying out the creative plan.

Thus we might also say, Father is Being in the absolute, the unlimited, the unrelated. Son is I AM identity of Being. Holy Spirit is the personality of Being.

The Holy Spirit is not all of Being, nor the fullness of Christ, but an emanation, or "breath," sent forth to do a definite work. Thus circumscribed it may in a sense be said to take on the characteristics of personality, a personality transcending in its capacity the concepts of the intellectual man.

The Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, is the law of God in action; and in that action it appears as having individuality. From this the Hebrews got their concept of the personal, tribal God, Jehovah.

The function of the Holy Ghost, or Spirit of truth, implies distinct personal subsistence: he speaks, searches, selects, reveals, reproves, testifies, leads, comforts, distributes to every man, knows the deep things of God, and so forth (Acts 13:2; I Cor. 2:10, 11; 12:11).

The Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, may also be defined as the whole Spirit of od, and can be known by man only through his spiritual nature. The prayer of the soul alone in its upper room (state of high spiritual aspiration) brings down the Holy Ghost.

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