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Metaphysical meaning of Henadad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Henadad (mbd)
Henadad, hen'-a-dad (Heb.)--favor of Hadad; Hadad is gracious; grace is quickened, i.e., made sharp; vehement grace; grace of the beloved.

a A Levite whose sons helped in the rebuilding of the Temple (Ezra 3:9). b An Israelite whose son Bavvai assisted in the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall (Neh. 3:18).

Meta. Thoughts expressing a degree of the mercy, power, and divine qualities of Being (grace of the beloved), thus aiding in lifting the consciousness and the body to a higher and more abiding realization. (The rebuilding of the Temple and of Jerusalem's wall signifies the uplifting, renewing, and spiritualizing of the body.) The thoughts, however, are more intellectual than spiritual. They look without, to the material, for God and for power, instead of looking within (favor of Hadad, Hadad is gracious--Hadad, the name of a Syrian deity, and signifying the setting up of the intellect as all-powerful). The unillumined intellect always bases its reasonings upon the testimony of the senses rather than upon the inspiration of Spirit.

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