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Metaphysical meaning of Hena (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hena (mbd)
Hena, he'-na (Heb.)--lowland; low ground; disquieting; troubling.

A Mesopotamian city that was conquered by the Assyrians. Its gods are spoken of in II Kings 18:34 as being unable to deliver the city out of the hands of the Assyrians, and the king of Assyria takes this as proof that Judah's God cannot deliver Judah.

Meta. Low, very material thoughts and beliefs regarding substance (lowland, low ground), belonging to the sensual mind. They bring much unrest and trouble (disquieting, troubling) to the individual who harbors and cultivates them; it is well for this state of consciousness to be defeated by the Assyrians, who represent a somewhat higher phase of thought. The reasonings that the Assyrians symbolize, however, are also based upon sense observation, instead of Spirit; they are not therefore to be compared with true spiritual ideas and thoughts, which Israel and Judah in their highest significance represent.

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