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Metaphysical meaning of Helbon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Helbon (mbd)
Helbon, hel'-bon (Heb.)--fat; fertile; fruitful; rich; fatness; the negative aspects of the word are thick; dull; indolent; stupid; unfeeling.

The "wine of Helbon" is mentioned in Ezekiel 27: 18.

Meta. The rich substance of life, with all its possibilities of unfoldment and fruitfulness.

Tyre and Damascus, places that are mentioned in conjunction with Helbon, belong in the realm of sensation and material thought, in individual consciousness-therefore the rich life substance that is signified by Helbon is being used for the promotion of the "mind of the flesh" instead of being utilized in spiritual ways to the uplift and regeneration of the whole man. The natural outcome of this waste of substance in sense ways is dullness, coarseness, and stupidity.

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