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Metaphysical meaning of Hanamel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hanamel (mbd)
Hanamel (A.V., Hanameel), ha-nam'el (Heb.)--God's gift; gratuity of God; grace of God; compassion of God; mercy of God.

Son of Shallum, and cousin of Jeremiah (Jer. 32:7-12).

Meta. A perception of God as full of grace and mercy, and the understanding that fullness of life and Truth is God's gift to the race. Faith (Jeremiah) lays hold of the substance of this understanding and establishes man in the assurance that he is to be wholly redeemed, even to his outer organism. (This is carried out in symbol by Jeremiah, who bought Hanamel's field in Anathoth. Then Jeremiah put the deeds for the field in an earthen vessel, to stay there for many days, as a sign that houses, fields, and vineyards would again be t)ought in the land of Judah even if it was at that time desolate because of having been conquered by the king of Babylon, and its inhabitants carried away into captivity. See Jeremiah 32:14-25.)

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