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Metaphysical meaning of Anathoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Anathoth (mbd)
Anathoth, an'-a-thoth (Heb.)--shoutings; answers; answers, i. e., to prayer; chants; afflictions; poverty.

A city in the allotment of Benjamin that was given over to the Levites (Josh. 21:18; I Kings 2:26; Jer. 1:1).

Meta. In Isaiah 10:30 we read, "O thou poor Anathoth !" This comment was inspired by the Lord's having sent the Assyrians (reasonings and thoughts of the sense mind plane that do not recognize Spirit) against Anathoth and other places in Israel because of their sins.

Solomon told Abiathar the priest, "Get thee to Anathoth, unto thine own fields; for thou art worthy of death." Thus Abiathar was taken away from the high priesthood and was sent to his own place. Abiathar represents a ruling religious belief that great and abundant good comes from the recognition of God as Father and love (David) as king. (See ABIATHAR.) But he was of the intellectual consciousness and was not founded consciously in the realm of spiritual thought, whence the true priests come. Therefore he did not hold fast to Truth, but took sides against Solomon (the consciousness of wisdom and peace); and so he was sent to Anathoth, to his own fields. In other words, he fell from the abundance of rich thought to a belief in trouble and lack (poverty, afflictions).

Anathoth represents the negative side of answers to prayer: the working of the law to fulfill thoughts of lack and of error rather than positive thoughts of good. The law works both ways for us, according to the trend of our thinking. Our negative prayers (thoughts and acts that tend to limitation and inharmony) are answered, as well as our positive prayers (thoughts and words of wholeness and plenty).

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