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Metaphysical meaning of Hammelech (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hammelech (mbd)
Hammelech, ham'-me-lech (Heb.)--the king; the ruler; the counselor.

The name of two different Israelites, seemingly; the name probably refers to King Jehoiakim and King Zedekiah (Jer. '36:26; 38:6, margin).

Meta. The will, or ruling ego, in man, expressing in opposition to the light of Truth, which is seeking to reveal the divine law. The will, impelled by the adverse, personal self, seeks to fight and destroy that which tries to make clear to it the bad results of its wicked, rebellious impulses (King Zedekiah wished to have Jeremiah the prophet out of the way), instead of conforming to the law and thus putting itself in the way to reap good.

The ancient idea of kingship was that of divided responsibility with the priesthood. The king ruled, not apart from, but by taking counsel of, the priests. Thus, when the will of man takes its counsel from the personal self and attempts to rule in its own right--that is, obstinately or arbitrarily, ignoring the guidance of man's higher, spiritual thoughts--the result is trouble.

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